About Us

Achieve peace of mind by staying connected to your vehicle 24/7 with our unrivalled Safety, Security, and Smart Drive features.

With the advent of Internet of Things (IOT), everyday gadgets, home and office appliances and even vehicles are now connected seamlessly that affects the way we live.

Jigsaw Business Solutions aims to provide IOT products that are easy to use, reliable and will improve lives. We will not only make these products accessible but also collaborate with other financial services like insurance or risk management to provide a holistic service to our customers.

These IOT products will not only provide connectivity of things but enable consumers to enjoy life to the fullest by embracing a SMART lifestyle. Daily tasks from home to work will be simplified. Enabling everyone to work remotely from practically anywhere but having access to people, data and other things that are important.

Our IOT products will focus on 3 things - SAFETY SECURITY AND SMART.