Frequently Asked Questions

We typically know GPS as a tool for tracking or navigation. But with VTEL, we want to level up your experience by its Smart Features for your Safety and Security. It is also supported by a 24/7 Call Center to monitor the alerts sent by your VTEL Device.
VTEL will be available on the first week of April on the selected car dealers:
  • Ford BGC
  • Ford Manila
  • Nissan Ortigas
  • Nissan Quezon Ave.
  • Hyundai Pasong Tamo
  • Mazda Otis
  • Mini Cooper
  • Toyota Quezon Ave.
  • Blackbox Insurance is a new offering from UCPB Gen which entitles you for a FREE VTEL Device upon application. It gives you a discount of up to 20% annually based on your Driving Score and other relevant data generated by your device. It also has Pay As You Drive, an insurance that you can purchase on demand whether by days or kilometers.
    A Driver Tag is for your identification as a driver or owner of a specific car. If the car is driven without the Driver Tag being detected, an alert will be sent to the contact person provided and the 24/7 Call Center will initiate recovery of the potentially stolen vehicle.
    A VTEL Smart GPS Tracking device is supported by Drivejet App. However, when logged in on desktop, it is normal to land on Sciencejet as this is the desktop version of the Drivejet App that the VTEL Clients use on mobile phones.
    Yes, you can purchase up to 4 Driver Tags. To request, please contact our office at 852-8410. Lost Security tag should be reported to us or the 24/7 Call Center immediately so that it will be excluded from the system.
    Yes, you can call the 24/7 Call Center to proceed with the changes upon verification.
    You may call our 24/7 Call Center for assistance.
    Yes, you can manage your cars simultaneously under the multi vehicle management in your mobile app.
    Yes. You can download the app on your phone or tablet.
    Yes, the GSM roaming covers up to Philippines and Malaysia. However, our emergency services are only limited within the Philippines.
    Privacy is our highest priority. Our agents will only initiate tracking upon receiving alert automatically from your car and will proceed to track your car theft after verifying with you and when you have confirmed that your car is being stolen. If it is a false alert, they will terminate the alert and disable the tracking.
    You can renew your subscription on the VTEL Website or call us at (+632)844-VTEL / 852-8410, or (+63)925 713 0398 for further assistance.
    Yes. The SOS Button connects you to (+632) 844-VTEL which will require either prepaid or postpaid load. However, once you press the SOS Button on your mobile app, an alert will be sent to our 24/7 Call Center and they will contact you to know what kind of assistance you need.
    There is a one-year warranty upon purchase. During this period, when your VTEL Device is damaged or defective, it will automatically be replaced by a new unit once it is verified that no tampering was done.
    Each time the SOS button on the Driver Tag is pressed, our 24/7 Call Center will call you and validate the situation you are in. If it is a non-emergency situation, simply inform the agent and the alert will be terminated.